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Water Park

Công viên nước tại Vinpearl Land Nha Trang hứa hẹn mang tới cho bạn cảm giác sảng khoái cùng sự hài lòng tuyệt đối.

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Being Vietnam’s first and only sea side water park with a total area of over 50,000 square meters, having an artificial mountain system measuring 30,000 square meters along with many unique modern water games, surrounded by the poetic Lazy River and a few hundreds meters long of sea shore, Vinpearlland Water Park Nha Trang promises to bring you a refreshing feeling and absolute satisfaction.

The water park’s game system is divided into three zones: Amusement rides area, family entertainment area and children’s games area – suitable for family members of all ages. While Amusement ride zone lets visitors freefall from a height of 21 meters, tame Tsunami, explore the Space Holes, feel heart-stopping with Flying boat, the gentle Wave pool, Body slide, Family rafting slide… are suitable for all family members and also help to connect and enhance their emotional chemistry as they unite and co-ordinate to get through the games together.



6-lane Multi Slide

6 lane-multi slide game, with 15 meters height and total slide journey of 100 meters, will be the exciting place for the adventurous young people who enjoy Amusement ride games.

duong truot 6 lan

Kamikaze slide

Kamikaze is the right place for young people who want to manifest their daring and bravery. Racing at the speed up to 60km/h, with 2 different sliding directions, Kamikaze makes the players feel like they’re flying out of the 21 meters high slide.

Body Slide

A game that is suitable for all family members, 13 meters high Body Slide is diversely engineered with varied coloring and structures, bringing different levels of difficulty from easy to hard challenges.

Space Hole

Based on the concept of universe’s most mysterious phenomenon – Cosmic Black Hole (a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is so strong it consumes everything around it), Space hole’s light speed simulation in 19 meter slide will bring customers woo-hoo experience they can’t find  anywhere else.

Flying Boat

Flying boat is a 2-player game with height from 15 meters. Sliding on the high speed double buoy enables a flying and floating experience in the most modern bullet trains.


Tsunami slide is a thrilling game bringing you lots of fearfulness. Although only 13m high, Tsunami’s powerful force will leave the most courageous people stunned. Stay strong, get through the initial nervousness and be in the game, you will get a very interesting experience.


Kid’s Pool

This is a 900 square meter swimming pool designed exclusively for the children whose height ranging from 1 to 1.3 meter. Colorful slides, lovely animal images, waterfalls and giant casks will bring surprises and amusing moments to the children.

Wave Pool

The wave pool, with an area of 1,500 square meters, makes visitors feel like they’re standing in front of a windy sea. The pool makes waves of different patterns: from calm and gentle to fierce and furious waves which will surely surprise and excite people. 

Rafting Slide

12 meters high, 4 slides with different turnings and winding slopes, each slide gives visitors a different sense of pleasure and experience.

Family Rafting Slide

This Family Rafting Slide game requires a group of six members who will form a circle to protect each other, adventuring together in a large river. In order to successfully overcome a 12.5 meters high waterfall unscratched, the group members have got to unite and stay determined on the highest level.

duong truot phao

Lazy river

Lazy River is the ideal place to rest the body after provoking challenges and nonstop joyful laughters in the amusement ride and family games areas.


In addition to the Water Park games, visitors also get to choose many other interesting activities on the beach, with the great support and guiding from Vinpearl Land Nha Trang staffs. The activities include sailing, jet ski, parachute, flyboard, Kayaking etc.

Opening hours

9:00 – 18:00 daily

Other facilities

Guest’s locker and towel rental

Swimsuits and underwater equipment shop

Yummy Land fastfood restaurant and bar (to the left of Water Park entrance)

Russian restaurant (at beach’s end)

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