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Vinpearl Land’s outdoor games are engineered using technology from European countries such as Germany, Argentina, and Italy. They (the games) will definitely captivate people’s attentions, provoking their curiosity and the urge to conquer, to assert bravery and courage.

Visitors begin their emotional journey with tender family games such as Merry-go-round, Elephant Merry-go-round, Tea Cup ride, Bumper car, etc and gradually escalate the challenge with Amusement rides such as Evolution ride, Swing Carousel, Roller coaster, Pirate ship etc. Especially, do not forget to experience Vinpearl Land’s Alpine Coaster – Asia’s first island alpine coaster system – one of the all age’s favorite amusement rides that is very popular worldwide with a total length of 1.760 meters, two spirals on the same way down and height difference between two stations up to 133 meter – the largest in Southeast Asia.



Booster Music Express

One of the newest games offers an impulsive spin with groovy musical beats. Let go and enjoy the incredible sensation in each whirl!

Location: Ocean Square

du lich nha trang

Alpine Coaster – Asia’s first island alpine coaster system

Alpine Coaster Vinpearl Land features a total length of 1.760 meters and height difference between two stations up to 133 meter – the largest in Southeast Asia. With a total of 50 sleds, Alpine Coaster welcomes visitors at the downhill station and transports them to the top hill station (at 140 meters above sea level) via a 540 meters long straight line pull system. From here, visitors have a chance to cruise around sightseeing, taking photos and enjoying the panoramic views of Nha Trang Bay and the beautiful coastal city. Then, the Alpine Coaster lets visitors experience real thrills sliding down a 1220 meter winding road.

du lich nha trang 10

Evolution ride

Evolution ride (merry-go-round 3D), is listed as one of Vinpearl Land Nha Trang’s adventurous games. This is where thrill-seekers show their daring and courage.

Swing Carousel

Playing swing carousel, whether being spanned or beveled in the air at 3 meters high, will make you feel like flying in space, free-falling and overthrowing in spacious air.

Roller Coaster

Being true to its name, Roller coaster is a game with rapid change in speed and direction. The Roller coaster delivers tough quakes and breath-taking experience on the curved track.

Nha Trang Tau luon sieu toc

Pirate Ship

The pirate ship which rushes forward and hurries back time after time brings you the feeling of flying through the air and relieving woo! moments.

Sky Drop

Sky Drop tower brings breath-taking moments to this game’s advocates. From the ground, you will be lifted to the top of the tower with a height over 20 meters. In this highest position, if you are brave enough, keep your eyes wide open to enjoy the romantic oceanic view before free-falling begins momentarily.

Giant Sky Chaser

Combined between height and speed, Giant sky chaser lets you experience “High road pursuit” at 10 meters high in colorful cars.


Bubble merry go round

Visitors and their kids revisit childhood times in colorful 12 meters high vertical merry go round, overviewing the wonrderful Nha Trang bay and Vinpearl Land ferry port.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee, a jumping game, is ideal for visitors who love astounding and wonderful experience of floating in the airby healthy flips and jumps. With the system of pillars, cables and safety belts strongly connected, Bungee Jumper helps you conduct acrobatic jumps, swings, and flips safely and skillfully at professional acrobatic levels.



Merry go round does not only bring kids excitement with uplifting rides, it also gives parents a touching recall of their past childhood memories.

Elephant merry-go-round

Merry-go-round with the chairs designed in funny elephant shapes will give the kids an exciting spacious journey. The special thing about this game is that the kids can adjust the chair’s height to fly up or dive down when playing.

Tea cup

Spinning around in colorful cups, this is a game with high level of safety, suitable for all children.

Nha trang coc xoay

Bumper Cars

The bumper car system is designed with maximum safety. It promises to be the attraction point delivering exquisite moments to all family members.

Opening hours

High season (June to August): 08:00 – 21:45  
Low season: 08:30 – 20:45


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