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Indoor play

Situated inside the 24 meter high artificial mountains, the indoor games area of Nha Trang Vinpearl Land offers a rich range of games, suitable to different ages including Games Supermarket, Kids Paradise, Fairy Garden, etc.


Games World

Being the gathering place of various video games such as: Horse racing, Hammering game, Motor racing, Shooting, Dancing auditon, etc. Vinpearl Land’s Games Supermarket will bring you, your friends and families relaxing, comfortable moments. Games supermarket is an all-you-can-play area, whose entrance fee is already included in your ticket price.

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Kids Paradise

Kids Paradise unifies numerous novel, attractive games such as Superhero Tramcar, Kids Railway, Animal swing, Bounce house, Ball house, Duck train, Games party etc.

Fairy Garden

The world of colorful fairy-tale characters that regularly show up in children’s dreams are brought to life in Nha Trang Vinpearl Land’s “Fairy Garden”. Parents can send their kids in and rest assured they will be in good hands.

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Karaoke rooms equipped with modern audio system are where you and your loved ones show your singing talents. Songs of various categories and styles will not only give you the freedom to express yourselves, but also enable greater cohesion between friends and families.

Opening hours

Low season:

08:30 – 20:45 (Sunday to Thursday)
08:30 – 21:45 (Friday and Saturday)

High season (June to August)

08:30 – 21:45 

Other service Fast food and soft drink counter

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