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Cuisine Town

Nestled by the poetic beach, Cuisine town, whose path is overlaid with natural stones, is the ideal destination for visitors who love a peaceful, refreshing and romantic atmosphere. There are various set menus from VND 100,000 up to VND 250,000 visitors can choose from. Whether sitting in a luxurious restaurant or relaxing in an open-air courtyard overlooking the romantic beach, you can lay back and enjoy delicious meals tailor made to your preference by skillful professional chefs.

Especially, on holiday occasions, Cuisine town often hosts exclusive events with rich menu to satisfy vistiors’ cuisine desire. The event may be in form of set menus tailored made to visitors’ preference or a buffet party with typical dishes from different regions of the country. Immersed in the airy spaciousness and salty sea breeze, not only can visitors experience delicious culinary, they also enjoy the murmur of the sea and the poetic scenery of Nha Trang Vinpearl Land Cuisine town.


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