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Entertainment Paradise

No longer will there be the need to take an airplane to world’s famous Amusementt Parks such as Disneyland (America, Japan, Hongkong), Everland (Korea) or Universal Studios (Singapore) etc. to have enjoyable experience for the whole family. Now, visitors can totally immerse themselves in wonderland which contains hundreds of endless entertainment types, with just one Vinpearl Land entrance ticket.

Being an entertainment brand of Vingroup, Vinpearl Land has had more than 8 years of growth and development, starting from Southest Asia’s well-known Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Amusement Park on Hon Tre island, so far Vinpearl Land has been present in 8 cities/provinces with 14 outdoor and indoor amusement parks (Vinpearl Land Royal City and Times City – Hanoi, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Land Thao Dien – HCMC, etc.). 

To promote Vingroup’s pioneering spirit in all fields, the entertainment products of Vinpearl Land always impress customers and communities by their large scale, the ‘uniqueness’ or the novelty of the products and services they provide, such as world’s longest cable cars crossing the sea, the newest and most interesting water game construction, Vietnam’s only natural ice rink system, Vietnam’s largest and most modern Aquarium, etc. At anywhere in Vinpearl Land, visitors have the chance to experience modern and safe games, with the service quality meeting international standards.

Vinpearl Land Amusement parks are not only the leaders in products and services, but they also continuosly refresh themselves by hosting national-wide cultural and sport events such as: Vietnamese Figure Skating Championship- Vinpearl Land Cup 2015, Water War Royal City poolparty 2014 & 2015, Nationwide Bowling Clubs Championship 2015, venue sponsor for Miss Vietnam finale, and many other attractive soon-coming events.

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